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Search Engine Optimization :

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizizing your website (making changes to the code and text) to properly convey your keywords and your site's theme to search engines -- so that you may be found using those keywords (typically you can expect bonus keywords, In addition to your main list to be ranked).

In order for your site to position highly in the major search engines, you must understand how the engines work and what they look for. Search engines rank sites based on algorithms, which are complicated mathematical equations. The algoritms typically take into account 2 major factors: unique content that is keyword rich and your site's link popularity (the number of quality incoming links to your site). Other importantfactors are: site architecture, your code and how "natural" your site is.

For people that are less technical, here is a simplified overview of how the engines rank sites:

Think of the engines like teachers handing out gold stars for everything that you do well. Google currently has about 200 factors in their algorithms that determine how your site will rank. Imagine your teacher with a clipboard and checklist with 200 items on it and she assigns you gold stars for each of the things you do well.

Remember, some of the items on the list are more important and you may get multiple gold stars. No one knows for sure how the algorithm works, but we test and monitor the industry to come up with a technique that works well for getting sites ranked.

Search Engine Optimization India, is an SEO Company that offers all kinds of SEO Services and Internet Marketing Solutions as per your budget and needs. We have a team of highly skilled SEO expert specialists that lay emphasis on intricate link building to create a strong web presence for your website. Our dedicated team of SEO Professionals ensures Guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process in which a website is optimized at various levels in order that the website communicates in a better way with popular and ranking in search engines. Many factors influence a website's rankings in search engines. So we do better SEO to your website to get top positions in Search Engines.

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