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Business Application Development :

Business Application Development Hyderabad

Business Application is generally any software program that helps a business increase productivity or measure their productivity. The term covers a large variation of uses within the business environment, and can be categorized by using a small, medium and large matrix:

The small business market generally consists of home accounting software, and office suites such as Microsoft Office and

The medium size, or SME, has a broader range of software applications, ranging from accounting, groupware, customer relationship management, human resources software, outsourcing relationship management, loan origination software, shopping cart software, field service software, and other productivity enhancing applications.

The last segment covers enterprise level software applications, such as those in the fields of enterprise resource planning, enterprise content management (ECM), business process management and product lifecycle management. These applications are extensive in scope, and often come with modules that either add native functions, or incorporate the functionality of third-party software programs.

Differant Types of Business Software Tools

  • Digital Dashboards
  • Online Analytical Processing, commonly known as OLAP .
  • Reporting software
  • Data mining
  • Business performance management (BPM)